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PT. Milenial Solusi Internusa
PT. Milenial Solusi Internusa or formely known as MSI Freight was born from a commitment to contribute to the development of Indonesia's export and import. As a company engaged in Logistics, MSI Freight has a vision to support business potential in Indonesia to be able to compete globally in the international sphere. . . .
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PT Milenial Solusi Internusa
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Why Chose Us

 Why Chose Us
Why Chose Us Best PriceBest Price
Provide competitive prices with the best service, immediately contact our marketing to get the best offer!
Why Chose Us Easy Fast And SafeEasy, Fast, And Safe
Ease, Fast and Safety of your cargo is our priority!
Why Chose Us Proffesional TeamProffesional Team
We have a professional team to handle all your needs!
Why Chose Us Easy BookingEasy Booking
Whenever and wherever you can send an email and whatsapp for booking space!

Our Services

 Our Services
Our Services Seafreight Forwarding Services 1 96x85
Seafreight Forwarding Services
We offers worldwide LCL-Services by sea no matter where the destination is. Our worldwide agent will take care of your shipments to the destination safely. We are providing all around services for import shipments from any seaports worldwide in to Indonesia as well.
Our Services International Logistics Services 2
International Logistics Services
At MSI Freight we understand that in today's interconnected world, efficient and reliable logistics solutions are essential for the success of your business. Our comprehensive international logistics services are designed to meet the complex needs of global supply chains, ensuring your goods are delivered on time, every time.
Our Services Legal Handling 3
Legal Handling
Not all of the clients know how to make documents and what kind of LEGAL’S are needed for their business as they just start he business. For this special case, we can assist our customers to make shipping documents, and ven we can make the documents by ourselves on their behalf.
Our Services Custom Brokerage 4
Custom Brokerage
The division helps us to have direct control and monitoring for all export and import custom clearance procedures. More optimal efficiency and accuracy are connected through the customs system.
Our Services Airfreight Forwarding Services 5
Airfreight Forwarding Services
Our reliable air import and export services are specially designed to meet your time critical needs. We will provide your company with a full range of Airfreight services, such as back o back services, consolidation services, first flight services, second flight services,charter services, etc.
Our Services LCL Less Container Load 6
LCL (Less Container Load)
LCL (Less Container Load) Service is one of the shipping services by sea, which combines several shipping items to be loaded in one container.
Our Services Warehouse  Distribution Services 7
Warehouse & Distribution Services
With the higher demand for logistics services for export or import, PT. Millennial Solutions Internusa has prepared a special warehouse for temporary storage of goods for customers.
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Contact our sales team to get answers from your inquiry or you can send an email to info@exportimportdept.com or chat to our whatsapp +62 821 1444 9564

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Our Articles

 Our Articles
Pembatasan Import kosmetik Berlaku per 10 Maret 2024 Pembatasan Import kosmetik Berlaku per 10 Maret 2024!
Hallo rekan Exim! Sekarang kita mau bahas mengenai Permendag 36 Tahun 2023 tentang kebijakan dan pengaturan Import, Mulai per Tanggal 10 Maret 2024 permendag 36 tahun 2023 ini sudah mulai berlaku lhoo!

Sempat sebelumnya permendag ini sudah Diundangkan sejak tanggal 11 Desember 2023 dan pemerintah telah memberikan masa transisi selama 3 bulan hingga tanggal 10 Maret kemarin diundangkan, selama peraturan tersebut belum berlaku bagi bara importir masih mengacu pada Permendag 20 Jo. 25 Tahun 2022.
Bagaimana Sih Cara Mengurus Surat Kendaraan Impor  dan Apa Saja Syaratnya Bagaimana Sih Cara Mengurus Surat Kendaraan Impor ? dan Apa Saja Syaratnya ?
Bagaimana sih Cara mengurus Surat Kendaraan Impor dan Apa Saja Syaratnya ? Begini Cara Mengurus Surat Kendaraan Impor menurut MSI freight dan Ini Syaratnya.
Mengenal Fasilitas Pembebasan Bea MasukMengenal Fasilitas Pembebasan Bea Masuk
Kebijakan penetapan tarif bea masuk yang berlaku umum atau Most Favoured Nations (MFN) dilaksanakan dengan memperhatikan UU Nomor 7 tahun 1994 tentang Pengesahan Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization ( non agriculture market access, agriculture) implementasi tarif bea masuk atas barang impor yang ditetapkan oleh Menteri Keuangan Tersebut tercantum dalam buku tarif bea kepabeanan Indonesia (BTKI).


PT. Milenial Solusi Internusa atau lebih dikenal MSI Freight adalah Perusahaan Bisnis dibidang logistik yang menyadiakan JASA IMPORT LCL MURAH . Lahir dari sebuah komitmen untuk berkontribusi kepada pengembangan ekspor dan impor Indonesia. Sebagai perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang Logistik, MSI Freight memiliki visi untuk mendukung potensi bisnis di Indonesia agar mampu bersaing secara global pada ranah Internasional. Pelayanan jasa logistik MSI Freight tak hanya sebatas memberi services freight forwarding semata, namun lebih dari itu dengan memberikan edukasi pada industri logistik yang perlu diketahui pelaku usaha.
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PT Milenial Solusi Internusa
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( 021 ) 7593 1185/ 82
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